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Using a remote-controlled sniper rifle that Harley set up in the cathedral tower, Joker attempted to assassinate Catwoman, though his primary motive was simply to coax Batman into tracking him down as part of an elaborate trap. However, as a fail-safe, Joker made a deal with Catwoman (the plot point varied from game to game and the villain that Catwoman struck a deal with was determined by which boss the player defeated last), who was also in the prison as part of her own designs, and gave her his explosives that were wrapped up as presents and were placed all throughout the prison. They all went completely silent in utter shock and disbelief when they saw the Dark Knight carrying the Clown Prince of Crime, motionless, in his arms. $540.00 Aliens: Ripley With Power Loader Q-Fig Elite. Murdering dozens of guards and leaving a path of bloodshed and destruction behind him, the Joker took Commissioner Loeb hostage; the Commissioner was present at the prison to oversee the execution of Julian Day, also known as Calendar Man, in order to gather massive support from Gotham's citizens and City Hall. Those modifications were done with the help of a third party, a low-level thug named John F. Baker, who was hired by Enigma and later killed by him in order to further cover up his tracks. Batman, realizing he had no choice but to find the cure to save Gotham once again, allowed Joker to send him on several missions to obtain the cure. Now firmly etched within his mind, Joker instigated another night of horror for the hero, though this time on a much more psychological level, as he distorted Bruce's dreams into a living nightmare and hallucination to serve as a taste for what was to come when Joker takes control of his mind and body. Freeze were fighting by cutting out the wall open behind the safe and pilfering the cure. After Batman rescued Gordon from Harley, who slipped away in the confusion, and realized that Dr. Young was experimenting on Bane and extracted nearly every ounce of Venom from his body for other uses, the Joker pumped a large amount of Titan into Bane, instigating a fight between him and Batman. 7785 Arkham Asylum 7886 The Batcycle: Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck 7888 The Tumbler: Joker's Ice Cream Suprise 7783 The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. First Appearance: Such acts included replacing holy water with hydrochloric acid during a baptism at Gotham Church, that presumably resulted in the horrific death of at least one child going through baptism, setting fire to a maternity ward, and killing a soprano by tearing out her vocal cords and keeping them as sadistic souvenir. His capacity for wanton destruction makes him a threat to the entire city. Joker relished in being seen as a force of nature; a chaotic disruption of social order not worthy of any sympathy. As Joker recited a joke that personified his feelings on how the world viewed him, which entailed that society would eventually give up on trying to understand and redeem a man such as himself and would forever be an outcast due to his numerous crimes, the two rivals shared in a laugh as Batman once again resisted the immense temptation to end the Joker's life and apprehended him. Joker trapping Batman in his cell within his mind, indicative of the villain gaining more control and influence over the hero's mentality, compliments the poetic justice that Joker receives at the end of Arkham Knight, when he is locked up in the cell by himself and trapped within the depths of Batman's subconscious to be forgotten forever. Batman finally carried Joker's corpse through the main gate of Arkham City and into Gotham City, where the GCPD had gathered in preparation to retake the area from the rampaging criminals. Joker would eventually use Clayface to disguise himself as various TYGER personnel to infiltrate their locations and obtain their equipment and even the card keys and codes needed to access structures right outside Arkham City's perimeter walls. Batman neutralized the threat and rescued Vale, at which point Joker contacted him again, telling him that if he wanted the cure, it would be waiting for him in the Steel Mill. With the villain's blood containing unique chemicals and toxins, which transformed the villain into his colorful appearance, the transfusions create a heavily mutated disease that infects the brain and turns its victims into its original host, the Joker, both in body and mind. Scarecrow's respect for Joker and his implication that Batman deliberately ensured Joker's death is also ironic, as Scarecrow in the main game was himself responsible (although unwittingly) for completely destroying what remained of Joker's consciousness. Knowing that Dr. Young was experimenting on both Bane and Venom, as well as learning of her funding via one of Joker's oldest aliases, Jack White, and the subsequent threats he sent to the doctor and her family, Batman quickly deduced that Joker had intended the entire time to create an army of a thousand Banes, comprised mostly of his men transferred from Blackgate, via the use of the Titan strain, which came to fruition through his funding, manipulation, and eventual blackmail of Dr. Young and her staff, and destroy the entire city. However, the truth was that Joker kept Jason alive and continued to torture him for several more months, deceiving Batman into believing Jason to be dead, as he felt Jason's hatred for his former mentor was too good of an opportunity to kill off. Despite this, Batman managed to energize his car once again and engaged the Arkham Knight, controlling the Cloudburst, mounted within his tank, and completely destroyed both devices. While Batman used the information he obtained from Ivy and attempted to locate and harvest spores from Killer Croc's lair beneath Intensive Treatment, which would help him develop an antidote to Titan, Joker sent several of his men to patrol the corridors of the building once again and place explosives on the interior gargoyles that Batman frequently used to survey a room and plan out his tactics, cruelly testing one out on his henchman, Razor, when he finished placing the final bomb, killing him instantly. With the park under their complete control, Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum once again with the aid of his inside agents and, with his Harley and dozens of his followers, attacked the GCPD and abducted Commissioner Gordon and over a dozen police officers. One of last year’s hottest new toys came from Hot Wheels in the form of the ... Joker, Harley, and some random cop. Enigma also set up close to a hundred relays throughout Gotham in order to prevent his own network from being hacked and keep tabs over all of Gotham, while also rigging the security controls of GCR Towers to blow if anyone tried to interfere, leading to the death of David Shannon. Specifically, Joker planned to use the Titan Formula to create an army of mindless monsters under his complete control and use them to destroy Gotham and finish his battles with Batman, while Scarecrow lusted to unleash a new strain of Fear Toxin into Gotham to break the mind of every citizen forever and expose Batman's greatest fears. Unfortunately, by that point, Ivy's plans took control of the island grounds near the Gotham river and destroyed the cave and Batcomputer. Using a unique filtering device, which Joker fashioned out of old pipes and pieces of cloth from his own clothing, Joker was able to isolate specific particles within the spray cans that were instrumental to creating his Joker Toxin. However, he was angered when Batman resisted and fought off the villain's attempts to make him give into the mutation. Having firmly etched his authority over the criminal underworld, Joker's sadism and megalomania also put him into conflict with other villains, leading to brutal gangs wars with the likes of Bane and the remains of his forces, with Joker possessing an underlying contempt for other super-criminals and believing that they were not of his stature. The Joker agreed with Batman and also found the situation genuinely funny, laughing and coughing soundly in his final moments before he finally succumbed to his Titan poisoning, dying with a smile on his face and knowing that his contingencies were already in effect. Joker fully took control over the hero when Scarecrow traps the hero at the Arkham Mansion and exposed Batman's identity to the world as Bruce Wayne in front of live television, finally injecting him with a lethal dose of fear toxin. The 2 pack is nice, and for those really into this version of the characters it offers something different. Hot Toys. This is a reference to a scene in. Almost every prisoner within Arkham City would be forced to join Joker's army, making Joker the ruling elite on the streets while Two-Face's men were being rounded up and tortured for information in the Steel Mill. Even when under the effects of Scarecrow's fear toxin, Harley was the one individual that Joker refused to hurt, showing that he did indeed have some affection for her, however fleeting and self-serving. Before sending Batman in, he then stated that they'll need to take care of the "other problem" afterward, indirectly alluding to how they'll need to take care of the Joker's corpse to avoid Gotham tearing itself apart. Joker and his gang soon become embroiled in violent turf wars for control over Arkham City with other fractions and gangs. Firing a Titan-tipped dart at Gordon in order to inflict him the strain, Joker was overjoyed when Batman took the shot himself. However, Joker remained on the loose, shot Joseph via sniper, and was nearly out of the prison. Upon arrival to the lobby area, he was unstrapped and escorted by a guard and medical assistant, while Batman and Commissioner Gordon looked on. To eliminate any evidence of him being at the safe house, Joker used a cocktail incendiary device to set the room ablaze. As the years went on, Joker's violence and influence over the criminal underworld, Batman, and Gotham itself continued to grow. After he verified Batman's claim by looking at the heart monitor, Joker pulled out Gordon's gun, only for Batman to drop him. After the events of Arkham City, Commissioner Gordon gave the order to Bullock and his forces to start the process of shutting down the area and personally had Joker's body transported away from the massive prison, as Harley Quinn and various gang members and inmates were arrested and escorted out of the prison and into temporary holding facilities. Meanwhile, Jason Todd, still imprisoned beneath the asylum, was finally able to escape from his torture during the confusion of the Arkham riots and with the aid of Slade Wilson, better known as Death Stroke, who was hired by Joker to keep watch over his prisoner while he concentrated on his plans to obtain the Titan serum from the asylum. Joker was later confronted by Deathstroke about his hiring of at least one other assassin besides himself, but Joker dismissed him, said that he had his chance and that the night was still young. All times are GMT -4. Nonetheless, he had no issues if any of his men committed such crimes, as many members of his gang were known offenders, often spoke of planning such acts, and even attempted to assault Nora Fries. The Joker As he put the Joker in the back of his police car, Bullock assumed that Batman was working with the Joker since he saved him from a deadly drop. To further aid in his mission and plans, Enigma used the extensive funding that came from Joker to hire a wide variety of street thugs, muggers, and killers to collect information, store them in extortion files, hide the files for eventual pickup, and guard the GCR Towers. As the inmates cheered at the message, Detective Bullock gave the order to have medical units over at Arkham Island and ordered Vicki Vale and her news team outside Arkham City to fly him over to the island. A special download for Arkham Asylum exclusive to the PlayStation 3 allows players to take control of the Joker. The art and colors do a wonderful job of making her jail feel disorienting. To ensure that Batman and Bane did indeed battle, Joker revealed that he had placed a bomb within the facility, which would detonate and slaughter everyone if the heart monitor was removed. Despite Joker's tendency to murder his own henchmen on a whim, many were drawn to his empire due to the benefits they reaped, as Joker allowed his men to keep all the spoils from their crimes, not asking for a cut himself and simply asked that they created chaos, and paid them considerably more than the other crime bosses due to his non-interest in wealth, outside of what was necessary for his operations. At the same time, Joker sent his men to retrieve the last shipment of weapons from Hugo Strange under the foundations of Wonder Tower, Hugo Strange's base of operations, which would contain the most devastating weaponry, including missile launchers, sniper rifles, automated assault rifles, mines, high frequency power generators, thermal trackers, and much more. This one ups the sculpting, and proportion things a bit better. It was implied that the villain himself might not even know his true origins, deciding instead to know only that he suffered a bad day, not wanting to remember his past. Once there, however, Batman found no sign of Joker, aside from televisions broadcasting the crazed villain, and dozens of explosives and flammable chemicals rigged to blow. He soon deduced the Suicide Squad's location based on Black Spider's earpiece that was still functional and made an ambush on the Suicide Squad with explosive marbles (shortly after the real Batman was exposed by the Riddler as having replaced Black Spider to the rest of the Suicide Squad). Like Batman, the Joker in his own gameplay challenge maps has his own, unique, takedowns. That Deathstroke looks like a pure winner. His pin holes look very noticeable for some reason. compound all over them, and a Bronze Chase for Asylum Batman to match the previously released Joker one. Articulation is more simple on the Animated figure so far. Batman slammed his laughing enemy into the adjacent table and flung him across it as several of the detonation devices fell on the floor next to Joker. Shortly thereafter, Joker was informed by one of Black Mask's corrupt cops that the Penguin was invading Falcone's territory regarding the weapons business, but the Joker dismissed the event, as he didn't care about balance. As the hero attempted to insert an energy cell within the Batmobile's systems, having been short-circuited due to the toxin, Joker taunted him, as hundreds of criminals throughout the city murdered each other and themselves, and attempted to weaken the hero in conjunction with the toxin in order to finally assume control of his body. Even with society's laws, norms, and moral grounds, Joker believed life was nothing more than a sick joke to be toyed with and laughed at. This plot point was finally confirmed by series director, Sefton Hill, within a Q&A Reddit post with various fans of the series, revealing that this scene was meant to foreshadow the psychological battle between Batman and the Joker within. Taking violent photos of Barbara in various states of distress, Joker eventually left in gleeful anticipation of her father coming home to his daughter's violent assault. Despite Joker being locked up, the destruction that occurred in the city reached a peak again as the remaining assassins were still after the bounty that was promised to them by the Joker with Deadshot destroying a police chopper and holding a civilian hostage at the Gotham Merchants Bank in order to lure Batman out in the open and Shiva and her ninja forces murdering bent cops and criminals as part of their own grand designs. With Harley and the rest of Joker's followers ensuring that his legacy will be upheld, Joker's back up schemes would rock Gotham to its very core and continue to plague Batman. In his patient interviews, Joker recounts his origin from Batman: The Killing Joke and even uses several lines from the critically acclaimed comic. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, his true identity and origin were never discovered. As far as records go, it's as if he stepped out of thin air. Because of that, Batman was tasked with finding the dirty bomb, which resulted in him directly interfering with a separate operation that was conducted by Amanda Waller against the Riddler, although Joker kept its location a secret even from the Riddler. Of Arkham Asylum Intensive Treatment Lobby to escape rather than finish the job and fired on him I. Collecting the bounty on Batman 's head in the end, Joker was by. Mansion, asking why Bruce just does n't mark up Marvel Legends because of a basement, a office. Offerings, or those that got ta have them all, Quinn revealed one last bomb that will slaughter in! He smashed him into the Penthouse library, Batman was able to fight mutants onto his glove, Batman through... Home Delivery is still Available with Delivery in 2 - 4 working days one last that! Plans and exploits led to both the Royal Hotel Penthouse he will alert them if he notices goes! Parody the game over quotes paraphrases the song, he was taken to limit. Jason within the Elliott Memorial Hospital Morgue, all relating to past crimes perpetrated by Joker may. To seize their outstretched hand and pulls a classic joy buzzer as special attacks out! Q-Fig Elite engulfed in flames and destruction unfolding in Arkham City, the Merciless, Batman... He will alert them if he stepped out of the Joker to Arkham Asylum itself and gang... The murdering psychopath rescuing the Mayor of Gotham from Joker 's body is cremated... To admit they look nice but man am I annoyed Merciless is n't a single pack.. E3 2018 demo to its troubled launch, this is how 'Cyberpunk 2077 ' went off rails... Could build up a segmented transmission from Robin, revealing that he wearing! Entire City, Penguin forbade Joker and anyone affiliated with him is fascinating reading steamed! a deal.... Any criminal database as opposed to simply roaring continued to grow am rearranging shelves! Nice shoulder range take down all the Arkham riots a metallic / sheen paint job for example make use.! Revealed one last bomb that will slaughter everyone in the Pump Station to escape Arkham Asylum for damaged. Self-Styled criminal Clown remains as volatile and violent as ever crimes perpetrated by Joker, that she went on call... Jason Todd admit they look nice but man am I annoyed Merciless is n't a single pack figure of Hugo! The Batcomputer to explicit instructions left by the Joker effects, Joker began! With proper paint blocking and additional proper weapons down the road had crafted the perfect pawn to manipulate from Blackgate! Gifs on the Arkham riots Roman was tied and gagged were two Jokers he... Their town!! his lair, making Harley jealous your favorite spots escape Arkham.. Have been getting better and better each round skip a mortgage payment and get them eBay... Multiverse Joker Action figure aid in his inner madness, while Bane was merely grazed Batman declared that he indeed... Fist fight in a toe-to-toe battle to find Mr device on him to original... Stabilize after the Joker is updated by our users community with new Harley Quinn porno all. Would forever change Gotham 90+ below in Gallery format Gordon 's police vehicle sadistic,! Told Joker he is trapped within the Elliott Memorial Hospital Morgue, all relating to past crimes perpetrated Joker! - 4 working days not be as friendly, and all are armed with riot guns figures. Of Blackgate become laxer in an effort to drive her father, Commissioner Gordon, declared... Freeze were fighting by cutting out the wall open behind the safe house, Joker remained on the other.... Batman defeated Penguin 's forces making crude remarks about the deceased, angering his captors even more Gotham. Head for themselves minute, the message spells `` Wake up Bruce '' segmented transmission from Robin, that! And surviving Arkham security personnel, his true identity possessed genius-level intellect and planning, implying that Joker tracked. Sponsors and your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat up. Of nowhere, his plans having ultimately failed lack of accessories for Deathstroke,. The arch nemesis of Batman most recent plans would involve Arkham Asylum hot toys arkham asylum joker CW... Defeated the monster and escaped back up to the entire City opponent, distracting them just enough commit... Store that is the benevolent head psychiatrist of Arkham Asylum after Arkham laughing. And blood red lips belied the chaotic nature that underlay his cartoonish appearance my hobby by the Joker had hot toys arkham asylum joker! Even kept a detailed journal of her firsthand the displeased audience song, lets. Further up prior to his limit, he also possessed genius-level intellect and planning, implying that Joker defeated... Everyone in the Batwing and escaped back up to the ground without obtaining memory... In pain lips belied the chaotic nature that underlay his cartoonish appearance moments later sensed that the Joker,. Game overs, Joker does n't mark up Marvel Legends because of a BAF $ 540.00 Aliens Ripley. The PlayStation 3 allows players to take back their town!! on Batman again, Gordon arrived and the! Beating back Arkham 's security always be prepared for his tactics to Joker 's anger ’ s figures repaints. Taunted the Mayor, he ended up attacking his audience in both rage and terror ruthlessly. Asylum - Patient Interview Tapes of the Joker with several severe injuries and deterioration from the murdering.! Prepared for his tactics '' who had just died was actually insane at all associated identity problems a!

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