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Abe was elected to the House of Representatives in the 1993 election. [236], In 2018, Abe paid a 2-day formal visit to China, in the hopes of improving foreign relations, where he had several meetings with President Xi Jinping. Explore Shinzo Abe's biography, personal life, family and real age. The newscaster acknowledged that the incorrect image had been displayed, but merely stated that the photo was "unrelated" and did not refer to the politician by name. Japan wants you to say its leader’s name correctly: Abe Shinzo. He served as a public official and became the prime minister later on. [117] A close relationship was anticipated between Abe and Narendra Modi after the latter's election as Prime Minister of India in May 2014, when it was noted that they had established ties from at least seven years previously when Modi was still Chief Minister of Gujarat and that Modi was one of three people Abe "followed" on Twitter. Abe is a member of the Mori Faction (formally, the Seiwa Seisaku Kenkyū-kai) of the Liberal Democratic Party. [48], On 16 November 2012, Prime Minister Noda announced the dissolution of the lower house and that the general election would be held on 16 December. He took a seat in the House of Representatives from 1937 to 1946. In his speech to personnel on board the destroyer Kurama he announced that "by highly hoisting the flag of 'proactive pacifism,' I'm determined to contribute more than ever to world peace and prosperity". [131] The law expanded the scope for the government to designate what information constitutes a state secret and increased penalties for bureaucrats and journalists who leak such information to up to 10 years in prison and a 10  million yen fine. [41][42] Abe said his unpopularity was hindering the passage of an anti-terrorism law, involving among other things Japan's continued military presence in Afghanistan. [110], Abe's foreign policy has moved Japan away from its traditional focus on the "big three" bilateral relationships with the United States, China, and South Korea, and has sought to increase Japan's international profile by expanding ties with NATO, the EU, and other organizations beyond the Asia-Pacific region. Morimoto was arrested for allegedly groping a woman on the train. Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, second left, and his wife Mariko prepare to leave Haneda airport in Tokyo Sunday, Oct. 19, 2020. [21] He left the company in 1982 and pursued a number of government positions including executive assistant to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, private secretary to the chairperson of the LDP General Council, and private secretary to the LDP secretary-general.[22]. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications inquired into fact relevance and stated that there had been an omission in editing the TV program fairly, making an administrative direction of exceptional stringent warning based upon the Broadcasting Act. [218], At the 2016 election to the House of Councillors, the first that allowed Japanese citizens 18 and over to vote, Abe led the LDP–Komeito pact to victory, with the coalition being the largest in the House of Councillors since it was set at 242 seats. Together with the New Komeito Party (which partnered with the LDP since the late 1990s), Abe was able to form a coalition government that controlled a two-thirds majority in the lower house, allowing it to override the upper house's veto. [38] Abe's pragmatic India foreign policy is to boost Japan's resurgent economic indicators while gaining a crucial partner in Asia. In 2002 negotiations between Japan and North Korea, Prime Minister Koizumi and General Secretary Kim Jong-il agreed to give abductees permission to visit Japan. [128] Based on the American body of the same name, the law to create the NSC was passed in November 2013 and began operating the following month when Abe appointed Shotaro Yachi as Japan's first National Security Advisor. [178] After Trump's inauguration, they had a formal meeting at Mar-a-Lago, discussed security, in light of a North Korean threat,[179] with Abe stating that Japan will be more committed to Japan–United States relations. "[55], In February 2013 Abe gave an address at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., in which he explained his economic and diplomatic objectives, and that he had returned to the Prime Ministership to prevent Japan becoming a "Tier Two Nation", declaring that "Japan is back". [285], On 28 April 2013, a new public event, the Restoration of Sovereignty Day, was held in Tokyo to mark the 61st anniversary of the end of the US occupation of Japan. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} In an interview, she shared, “I think it is all fate and I have to accept it—the fact that I married a politician, that he became prime minister and that we were not blessed with children,” accepting their fate. The Liberal Democratic Party lost its control of the upper house after 52 years when it lost in the upper house election. From 1986 to 1991, Abe's father, Shintaro, headed the same faction. Three years later, he left his work there and started his government work. Shintaro died of heart failure at the Juntendo University Hospital in Tokyo on May 15, 1991, after he was hospitalized in January 1991. Abe cut short his trip to deal with the crisis, declared that such acts of terrorism were "unforgivable" and promised to save the hostages while refusing to pay the ransom. [80] At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2014 Abe announced that he was ready to act as a "drill bit" to break through the rock of vested interests and "red tape" to achieve structural reforms of the economy. A senior Tokyo official more or less apologized for this horrific crime in 1993… Yesterday, [Abe] grudgingly acknowledged the 1993 quasi-apology, but only as part of a pre-emptive declaration that his government would reject the call, now pending in the United States Congress, for an official apology. He assumed office on December 26, 2012. [189], As a result of these moves, Abe faced a public backlash, and opinion polls showed that his approval ratings fell into negative figures for the first time since he returned to power in 2012, with 50 percent disapproving and 38 percent approving of the cabinet according to one Nikkei survey at the beginning of August. This move was partly in response to the 2011 Fukushima disaster, and the bill faced little opposition in the Diet. [214][215][216] Abe dismissed the chairman of the LDP's tax panel Takeshi Noda (who opposed the reduction), and appointed Yoichi Miyazawa, who was more favorable to the policy, as his replacement. [302], Second LDP presidency and 2012 general election, Second term as prime minister (2012–2014), "Third Arrow": Growth strategy and structural reform, Re-election as LDP president and "Abenomics 2.0", Fourth term as prime minister (2017–2020), Honors, awards and international recognition. This was in reaction to a Chinese buildup and a decreased American influence in the region. She has also brushed off the idea of adopting a child. This would allow the Self Defense Forces to come to the aid of, and defend, an ally under attack, whereas the previous interpretation of the constitution was strictly pacifist and allowed for the force to be used only in absolute self-defence. [103], Abe was unusually active in the field of foreign affairs for a Japanese Prime Minister, making visits to 49 countries between December 2012 and September 2014, a number that was described as "unprecedented" (by contrast, his immediate two predecessors Naoto Kan and Yoshihiko Noda visited a combined total of 18 countries between June 2010 and December 2012). The Seiwa Seisaku Kenkyū-Kai has 60  members in the House of Representatives and 26 in the House of Councillors. This statement had been widely anticipated, with some commentators expecting Abe to amend or even refuse to repeat the previous leaders' apologies for Japan's role in the war. In February, after Abe publicly speculated that the government could legislate to strip the bank of independence, Shirakawa announced he was leaving office prematurely before his term expired. [67], In autumn 2013 Abe made the decision to proceed with the first stage of the increase in the consumption tax from 5 to 8 percent in April 2014 (with a second stage envisaged raising it to 10 percent in October 2015). Abe has increased its allies in its international campaign to counter a North Korean nuclear threat. [122] Both countries criticised Abe's visit Yasukuni Shrine in December 2013, with China's Foreign Minister describing the action as moving Japan in an "extremely dangerous" direction. The reshuffled cabinet tied the record of 5 women ministers set by the first Koizumi cabinet. The package included funding intended for the purchase of three "Global Hawk" drones, six F-35 fighter jets and a Boeing KC-46A midair refueling aircraft. Organizers of the protests estimated that up to 100,000 protesters marched against the bills' passage of the lower house in July. [31] In March 2007, Abe, along with right-wing politicians, proposed a bill to encourage nationalism and a "love for one's country and hometown" among the Japanese youth (specific wording from the revised "Fundamental Law of Education" 教育基本法, which was revised to include "love of country"). This led to Prime Minister Abe’s resignation on September 12, 2007. [111][113], Abe concluded the Japan–Australia Economic Partnership Agreement with Australia's Abbott Government in 2014 and addressed a joint sitting of the Australian Parliament in July. However, relations with China continue to be tarnished by the Senkaku Islands dispute and Abe's visits to the Yasukuni shrine (see below). He nor Akie were hurt in the incidents. Abe's not visiting the shrine prompted a Japanese nationalist named Yoshihiro Tanjo to cut off his own little finger in protest and mail it to the LDP. He was elected as the president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on September 20, 2006, defeating Sadakazu Tanigaki and Taro Aso. Noda agreed to this on the conditions that the LDP passed a bond-financing bill and would support a commission to reform the social security system and address electoral malapportionment in the next diet session. TOKYO — Teary-eyed and taking a bow, Japan's longest-serving prime minister, Shinzo Abe, on Friday announced he was resigning due to ill health. Shinzo Abe won the October 2017 parliamentary election and his fourth 4-year term as Japan's highest elected official. [85][86][87], In November 2013 the Abe cabinet passed a bill to liberalize Japan's electricity market by abolishing price controls, breaking up regional monopolies, separating power transmission from generation by creating a national grid company. Jun'ichirō Koizumi was a member of the Mori Faction, but left it, as is the custom when accepting a high party post. Abe explained that the government would take measures to increase wages, boost consumption, and expand childcare, social security and care services for the elderly to meet these goals. [254] This statement provoked negative reactions in Asian and western countries; a New York Times editorial on 6 March 2007 commented for instance: What part of 'Japanese Army sex slaves' does Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, have so much trouble understanding and apologizing for?… These were not commercial brothels. North Korea criticized this Japanese decision as a breach of a diplomatic promise, and the negotiations were aborted. [151][152], On a tour of the Middle East in January 2015, Abe announced that Japan would provide 200 million dollars in non-military assistance to countries fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as part of a 2.5 billion-dollar aid package. [258] The same editorial presented him as a revisionist, a view largely accepted by the international and part of the Japanese press. At the end of the war, Kishi was to be tried as a war criminal, but the policy of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers which controlled Japan after the war eventually changed and became more anti-communist, and Kishi was released from Sugamo Prison. [citation needed], In December 2006, it was revealed that former Prime-Minister Junichiro Koizumi's government, in which Abe was Chief Cabinet Secretary, had influenced town hall-style meetings, during which paid performers would ask government officials favorable questions. [284] On 15 August 2014, the 69th anniversary of the surrender of Japan in World War II, Abe chose to not visit the shrine, in what was perceived as a diplomatic gesture to South Korea, and China. [136] The decision was supported by the United States, which has argued for greater scope for action by Japan as a regional ally, and led to a revision of the U.S.-Japan defense cooperation guidelines in 2015. Shinzo Abe father’s name is under review and mother unknown at this time. The Korean and Chinese governments, as well as noted academics and commentators, have voiced concern about Abe's historical views.[250][251][252]. Shinzo Abe’s lineage. Abe has publicly recognized the need for improved relations with the People's Republic of China and, along with Foreign Minister Taro Aso, sought an eventual summit meeting with former Chinese paramount leader Hu Jintao. [79] Analysts did note, however, that Abe was waiting until after the July Upper House elections to reveal further details, to avoid an adverse reaction by voters to potentially unpopular reforms. He offered Japan's support to other countries in resolving territorial disputes. Born into Political Family Shinzo Abe was born in Nagato Japan, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, on September 21, 1954. Prime Minister Abe called the snap election on 25 September, while the North Korea crisis was prominent in the news media. [234][235] Abe also expressed a desire to hold a bilateral meeting with North Korea on the issue of abductions of Japanese citizens, pressing President Trump to raise the matter at the summit. Boston Global Forum's World Leader in Cybersecurity Award, December 2015. Additionally, Abe's rejection of a possible female Japanese monarch, which led to the Japanese succession controversy, diminished his support base.[40]. Detractors argued that the law was ambiguous and therefore gave the government too much freedom to decide which information to classify, that it could curtail freedom of the press, and that the cabinet had rushed the legislation without including any corresponding freedom of information guarantees. Images of this blunder can now be seen clearly across the Internet, Have the slander campaigns already begun!? The Japanese Army's involvement is documented in the government's own defense files. They underwent fertility treatments before but failed to bear children nonetheless. The Abe cabinet has introduced measures to expand childcare and legislation to force public and private organizations to publish data on the number of women they employ, and what positions they hold. He and his wife come from a long line of samurai heritage. [240][241] Abe expressed regret at being unable to fully accomplish his policy goals due to his early resignation. The committee members, who claimed to be specialists of international law, claimed that Emperor Hirohito and the Japanese government were responsible for the use of comfort women. Later that day he went aboard the USS Ronald Reagan, becoming the first Japanese prime minister to set foot on an American warship. [57], Abe declared in his January 2013 policy speech to the Diet that economic revival and escaping deflation was "the greatest and urgent issue" facing Japan. In a Diet session on 6 October 2006, Abe revised his statement regarding comfort women and said that he accepted the report issued in 1993 by the sitting cabinet secretary, Yōhei Kōno, where the Japanese government officially acknowledged the issue. “For us to truly pursue the world without nuclear weapons, we need participation from both nuclear-weapons and non-nuclear weapons states.” He continued, “Our country is committed to leading the international community by encouraging both sides to make progress towards abolishing nuclear arms,” Abe added without directly referring to the UN treaty. The only minister retained in his position from the previous Koizumi cabinet was Foreign Minister Taro Aso, who had been one of Abe's competitors for the LDP presidency. Abe was a member of a prominent political family. The summits had been suspended in 2012 due to tensions over historical and territorial issues. [14] During his first period as prime minister he upgraded the Japan Defense Agency to full ministry status. [69] In response to the recession, Aso announced that the government would ask the Diet to pass a supplementary budget to fund a further stimulus package worth 2–3 trillion yen. Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has made his second trip to hospital in a week, prompting renewed concern over his health. [81], Abe announced a package of structural reforms in June 2014, that The Economist described as "less a single arrow than a 1,000-strong bundle" and compared favorably to the 2013 announcement. Both sides agreed to refrain from criticizing each other over the issue in the future. [161], Like his predecessors Tomiichi Murayama and Junichiro Koizumi, Abe issued a statement commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II on 14 August 2015. Before they got married, she worked for Dentsu, the world’s largest advertising agency. Abe posted on his public Facebook page "This morning on the TBS show 'Asazuba,' when a newscaster reported on a story regarding the apprehension of a molester, a photo of me was shown. [122] In late December 2015, foreign ministers Fumio Kishida and Yun Byung-se announced in Seoul that a deal had been reached to resolve the "comfort women" issue, in which Japan agreed to pay 1  billion yen into a fund to support the 46 surviving victims, and issued a statement that contained Abe's "most sincere apologies and remorse". His abrupt departure triggers a leadership battle in his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) over the next few weeks. Padma Awards announced: Shinzo Abe, SP Balasubrahmanyam among awardees [Full list] Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, late singer S P … Former Prime Minister Yoshirō Mori, to whose faction both Abe and Fukuda belonged, stated that the faction strongly leant toward Abe. [200] In the same month the cabinet approved Japan's largest-ever defense budget, at 5.1 trillion yen, for the fiscal year beginning in April 2016. The only change he made was the replacement of defense minister Akinori Eto. His family, especially on his maternal side, has made a great impact in the political aspect of Japan. [29] He took some steps toward balancing the Japanese budget, such as appointing a tax policy expert, Kōji Omi, as Minister of Finance. The approval rating of Prime Minister Abe went down after successive mishaps in his political reign. During the reign of his brother, he served as the Minister of Finance in his cabinet. as being both illegal (violating the Broadcasting Act) and unconstitutional (violating the Japanese Constitution). He was appointed Chief Cabinet Secretary by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in September 2005, before going on to replace Koizumi as LDP president in September 2006. [78] These measures were less well-received than the first two arrows had been since Abe took office, with the stock market falling slightly and critics arguing that they lacked detail; The Economist, for example, judged the announcement a "misfire". Abe, in his two terms as the prime minister of Japan, sought to upgrade strategic Japan–India relationship. [36] Part of Abe's appeal in Taiwan is historical: his grandfather Nobusuke Kishi was pro-Taiwan, and his great-uncle Eisaku Satō was the last prime minister to visit Taiwan while in office.[36]. 8:05. Whoever the Liberal Democratic Party elects as its leader, probably within the next … Now What? [183], On 18 October 2015 Abe presided over the triennial fleet review of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force in his role as Commander-in-Chief of the Self-Defense Forces. [244] Since 1997, as the bureau chief of the "Institute of Junior Assembly Members Who Think About the Outlook of Japan and History Education", Abe led the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform. [255], A 2007 Washington Post editorial, "Shinzo Abe's Double Talk", also criticized him: "he's passionate about Japanese victims of North Korea—and blind to Japan's own war crimes". He comes from a family of politicians on both his paternal and maternal side. Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has announced his resignation for health reasons. He enrolled at the School of Public Policy of the University of Southern California and completed three semesters. [180][181], In his April speech to Congress, Abe announced that his government would "enact all necessary bills by this coming summer" to expand the Self-Defense Forces' capacity for operations and to give effect to the cabinet's July 2014 decision to re-interpret the constitution in favor of collective self-defense. Abe later told reporters that during the meeting he suggested establishing a hotline between Tokyo and Beijing to help resolve any maritime clashes and that the "first step" had been taken to improve relations. [237] Abe cautioned Xi Jinping over protests in Hong Kong at the G20 Summit. [66] The budget also increased defense spending and manpower while reducing foreign aid. asked that the premier be referred to as Abe Shinzo – family name first, given name second – not Shinzo Abe , as he’s been known in international media since taking office in 2012. [279] The Mainichi Shimbun argued in an editorial that the visit could also "cast a dark shadow" on relations with the United States,[280] and the US embassy in Tokyo released a statement that "the United States is disappointed that Japan's leadership has taken an action that will exacerbate tensions with Japan's neighbors". According to Bannon, Abe was the first nationalist leader to win an election in an industrialized democracy and successfully govern as a nationalist." The perpetrators were several Yakuza members belonging to the Kudo-kai, a Kitakyushu-based designated boryokudan syndicate. After his term, he became Japan’s official representative during Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965. [201], In September 2015 Abe was re-elected as president of the LDP in an uncontested election after LDP Diet member Seiko Noda failed to garner enough support to stand as a candidate. He was officially replaced by Yasuo Fukuda on September 26, 2007. ", "Diet session extended through September as Abe aims to pass contentious security bills", "Abe Security Bills Pass Japan's Lower House as Protests Flare", "Japan's lower house approves change to self-defense law", "Amid angry scenes, ruling parties force security bills through Lower House committee", "The Difficult Role of the Top Opposition Party", "Abe's future uncertain as public support dives", "Experts' 'unconstitutional' verdict on security bills highlights contradictions", "Former justice brands security bills as unconstitutional, slams Abe for sophistry", "Nagasaki survivor warns Abe reforms 'will lead to war, "Cartoon capers: Japan PM uses offbeat PR blitz to rescue ratings", "Japan to allow military role overseas in historic move", "Japan's Parliament Approves Overseas Combat Role for Military", "Japan's Fleet Review: Abe Boards US Warship for First Time Ever", "Japan to launch anti-terrorism intelligence unit", "Japan Cabinet OKs Record Defense Budget Amid China Concern", "Shinzo Abe of Japan Re-elected as Leader of Ruling Party", "Abe reshuffles Cabinet, adding minister to focus on economy", "Abe aims arrows at new targets with three fresh goals for 'Abenomics,' 20% rise in GDP", "Abenomics 2.0 – PM updates plan to refresh Japanese economy", "Reading Between the Lines of Abenomics 2.0", "Abenomics 2.0: A Reform Reboot For Japan? It had been proposed by Abe in 2012. [27], On 26 September 2006, Abe was inaugurated as Japanese Prime Minister. [28] Elected at age 52, he was the youngest prime minister since Fumimaro Konoe in 1941. He studied at Tokyo Imperial University, taking up German Law. The bill to raise the tax had been passed under the previous DPJ government, but the final decision lay with the Prime Minister. [272], Abe has visited Yasukuni Shrine on several occasions. [34] Abe has also said that China–Japan relations should not continue to be based on emotions. While serving as Chief Cabinet Secretary in the government of Junichiro Koizumi, he visited in April 2006, prompting South Korea to describe the trip as "regrettable". Kantei; "List of Ministers (The Cabinet)" (7 Oct 2015). ", "Japan's Abe looks for friends abroad as popularity wanes at home", "Olympics 2020: Why Tokyo is a 'safe pair of hands' to host Games", "Japan Olympic win boosts Abe, but Fukushima shadows linger", "Shinzo Abe to write revival story for Japan with Olympics", "The Foreign Policy of Abe Shinzo: Strategic Vision and Policy Implementation", "Abe, Cameron agree to boost Japan-Britain security cooperation", "Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe addresses Federal Parliament, signs free trade deal with Australia", Shinzo Abe's condolences for those lost at Sandakan: a horror from the past, a moment to stop time, "Japan's PM offers 'sincere condolences' for horrors of second world war", "Shinzo Abe first Japanese premier at Republic Day celebrations", "Twitter friendship blossoms for Asian nationalists Modi and Abe", "Narendra Modi And Shinzo Abe Set To Sign Slew of Agreements Between India And Japan", "Abe offers Japan's help in maintaining regional security", "Japan and South Korea summit signals thaw in relations", "South Korea and China angered by Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's visit to controversial shrine to war dead", "China's response to Japan's constitutional reinterpretation", "Japanese PM Shinzo Abe urges Asia military restraint", "Shinzo Abe at World Economic Forum: 'Restrain Military Expansion in Asia, "Japan's Abe and China's Xi hold ice-breaking meeting as Apec starts", "New national security bureau faces rocky start", "Japan's Troubling State Secrets Law Takes Effect", "Japan's Abe Secures Passage of Secrecy Law as Opposition Revolts", "Japan's State Secrets Bill Polarizes Society", "Abe defends Japan's secrets law that could jail whistleblowers for 10 years", "Japan cabinet approves landmark military change", "US, Japan Agree to New Defense Guidelines", "Abe keeps core intact in Cabinet shake-up", "Abe Cabinet Rocked by Double Resignation", "Japan PM Abe considers sales tax hike delay, snap election -media", "Abe looks to 'reset' parliamentary gridlock", "Japan PM seeks verdict on 'Abenomics' in snap election", "Opposition parties seek unity, find disarray, ahead of election campaign", "Abe tightens grip on power as ruling coalition wins 325 seats in Lower House election", "Shinzo Abe re-elected as Japan's prime minister", "Japanese PM Abe Urges Most Drastic Reforms Since WW2", "Abe stands his ground as Moritomo Gakuen scandal drags on", "Japan's Abe pledges support for Mideast countries battling Islamic State", "Japan PM Shinzo Abe in Islamic State 'hostages' vow", "Japan Will 'Never Forgive' IS Hostage Murder", "Japan outraged at IS 'beheading' of hostage Kenji Goto", "PM Abe's approval ratings rise in Japan after hostage crisis", "How Abe used the IS hostage crisis to push security reform", Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Address by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress "Toward an Alliance of Hope" (April 29, 2015), Shinzo Abe of Japan Avoids Specifics in Speech on Trade Accord April 29, 2015, "Obama welcomes Abe to White House with high ceremony", "Relief, surprise, and ambiguity in Abe's war apology", "Japan WW2: PM Shinzo Abe expresses 'profound grief, "U.S. welcomes Abe's statement on war anniversary", "Shinzo Abe: Japan PM in India, bullet train deal on cards", "Japan and India agree bullet train, nuclear deals", "Narendra Modi calls Japan PM Shinzo Abe a 'phenomenal leader, "The significance of the Japan–India nuclear deal", "China, Japan, South Korea to hold first summit in three years", "China, Japan and South Korea Pledge to Expand Trade at Joint Meetingl", "China, Japan and South Korea relations 'completely restored' after summit", "Japan-Korea relations after Abe's war anniversary statement: Opportunity for a reset? He has passed domestic policies as well as foreign policies during his short period as a minister. [194] Members of the Abe cabinet said that they would make a greater effort to explain the contents of and the reasons for the security legislation to the public, with the LDP releasing an animated cartoon commercial, and Abe appearing live on television and internet chat streams to make the case for the legislation and take questions from members of the public.

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