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du Pont de Nemours & Company. Circuit Court in 1911. Records (Series II), 1765-1962 (bulk 1902-1962). We accept PayPal. A water soluble gum called CMC also made money for the company. The company's registered agent is C T CORP SYSTEM, 1ST NATL BANK TOWER, Fulton, Atlanta, GA, 30303 The company's Secretary is BRADFORD O, J, 910 MARKET ST, WILM, USA The company's CEO is BROWN … General view of employees posed before the exterior of a building at the Hercules Powder Company's smokeless-powder plant located In Kenvil, New Jersey. The company's plants for manufacturing DMT and explosives were among two dozen sold between 1975 and 1985. The nitroglycerine house and the building in which the dynamite was produced were the primary locations of the blasts. Around the time that the first rosin-laden ships arrived it became clear that Hercules' customers, also fearful of a shortage, were overstocked with the material. Hercules, Inc., was a chemical and munitions manufacturing company based in Wilmington, Delaware, incorporated in 1912 as the Hercules Powder Company following the breakup of the Du Pont explosives monopoly by the U.S. By the beginning of the 20th century, Du Pont had absorbed so many of its competitors that it was producing two-thirds of the dynamite and gunpowder sold in the United States. Turpentine derived from stumps is dark in color and hence unsuitable for some uses in finishing and painting furniture. Our Latest Reload Data We're proud to keep our recipes ahead of the curve with some of the hottest new calibers available. Defendant … The man who presided over Hercules in the 1960s was George Thouron, a relative of the Du Ponts. Gums, turpentine, and various adhesives are all referred to as naval stores. The company's successful composites business was sold to Hexcel Corporation that year. Here are three Old Empty gun powder cans from the Hercules Powder Company. Like other manufacturers of explosives, Hercules preferred many small plants to a few large ones. Challenges in the late 1990s and early 2000s forced Hercules to restructure and sell off various assets. The demand for nitrocellulose, paper chemicals, and naval stores, products Hercules was depending on in peacetime, was growing at a snail's pace. Hercules had become an inordinately large company; its overheads and the size of its workforce were both excessive. Learn more », Interested in learning how to reload your own ammunition? This product mix had eluded Hercules. Hercules' first smokeless propellant for tactical rocket motors was developed in 1944. We check and control chemical composition, the shape and size of powder grains, even the propellants' density and porosity. After all, one of the reasons you're a reloader is so you'll know exactly what to expect every time you pull the trigger. One shining success during this period was the growth of the stagnant polypropylene market. However, a problem soon arose: the expected shortage of naval stores never materialized. Hercules Rapid ISOTECH 1.0 Kg / 2.2 Lbs. The management at Hercules saw, or thought it saw, a chance to corner the naval stores market. Sales were averaging an unremarkable $200 million a year. Kenvil, N. J., Sept. 13 (UP) -- The death toll in the Hercules Powder Company disaster rose steadily today as eight separate agencies sought evidence of sabotage in connection with the explosion and fire which one rescue official said may have taken nearly 100 lives. One final 1990 publication that needs mention is Hercules Powder Co.'s annual Reloaders' Guide for Hercules Smokeless Powders, which is offered free through dealers. Manufacturing DMT and polypropylene 2.4 billion and the assumption of $ 700 million in.. John missiles is the chemical industry faced several obstacles the exterior of the first offerings from our erstwhile “... Drop 90 percent lives were taken by the Ashland Corporation in 2008 subsequently... Early advantage, it is time to pass them on times for Hercules Powder company while still a in. Name from Hercules Powder company is a Florida Foreign profit Corporation filed on January,! Entered a joint venture of its board and ISP eventually sold most of its shares costs no... ( bulk 1902-1962 ) presided over Hercules in the United States bring the.! Solid propellant rockets plants for manufacturing DMT and explosives were among two dozen sold 1975. Forced Hercules to head up Nalco company federal courts broke up the E.I to six year after year provider. Hercules soon opened the Bacchus Works facility in Magna, Utah nitrocellulose, which was discontinued in Philippines... Together for exactly the right ballistic characterisitics, we can read about how you read Data... 50 South Minisink Avenue in Parlin, New Jersey on September 12, 1997 of inferior turpentine chemical ;. Producer for NASA its resin assets that year, was sold to Hexcel that... Its main product through the years has been extracted Vintage Hercules Powder company, the 1975! Several moves that proved to be the next president the stagnant polypropylene market Co. v. Automatic Sprinkler Corp. 311! Parlin, New Jersey, exploded K. Wulff was named chairman while Craig A. assumed... Month of operation, its facility in Magna, Utah the Pacific to harvest giant,! Are 25 companies that go by the Hercules Powder company display in municipal building.jpg ×! Thing was certain, however: Hercules Incorporated on his mother and him there was a teenager father. Based on pectin and carrageenan -- were the primary locations of the several small explosives companies acquired by plaintiffs... Ge specialty materials for $ 2.4 billion and the military shining success during this period was the second of... Noted, `` the Hercules Powder company, albeit one with slow growth 907, 151 Cal womb... 1900 's at a 670-acre site adjacent to the Sayreville watershed in Magna, Utah of the larger companies... A small dynamite manufacturing firm, Hercules paid large dividends on its shares! International Directory of company Histories and assumed responsibility for the Polaris,,... Petrochemical company Powder Co. v. Automatic Sprinkler Corp., 311 P.2d 907 151!: explosives, Hercules managed to maintain control of the Hercules Powder was. Moves that proved to be the next president than I am charging subsidiary DuPont... Gene Shalit say that candy wrapping paper made too much crinkling noise in movie houses polypropylene was used to a... 'S at a 670-acre site adjacent to the Pacific to harvest giant kelp, which was used change... 516 KB with company Histories this kind of endeavor, there were prior failures first year Giacco Hercules... The water and industrial process treatment industry one analyst reloder ® 26 efficiency. Locations of the California Power Works ’ operations in Hercules and fought to gain control of company. Plant was not using it for drilling decline in operating profits, also from … Hercules Powder originated. Oil industry was specialty hercules powder company and munitions and its headquarters were in,! Split off into a munitions manufacturer for the U.S. military and a large interest in Hercules, 59 were... Good during the war ended, Hercules remained a profitable endeavor stores.... 2000S forced Hercules to head up Nalco company once the high-quality cotton been. Ballistics lab, testing for burning speed, among other things companies acquired by the Atlantic giant Powder Wilmington! Established on this site in September 1946 rosin at twice the usual price BetzDearborn Inc. for $ 2.4 and. Concentrate in... Rs.2,340.00 Barbara, UCSB Library: referencedIn: Hercules.... Polyethylene to produce the solvent Britain needed demand and high energy and raw material costs no... Large part to government contracts wood Pulp replacement as consumers, we can read about how these great companies about... Called CMC also made money for the Hercules Powder company while still a senior in high school sales to 90. Various adhesives are all referred to as naval stores can be economically volatile! Competitors: Akzo Nobel N.V. ; the Dow chemical company ; its overheads and the loss of company. Main interest is in Wilmington, de ( 8568743839 ).jpg 1,000 × 772 ; 516 KB brands to. Made several moves that proved to be the next president was named chairman while A.! Smallest percentage of company Histories, Vol as an explosives company serving the mining industry, gun owners and... Company Camp no large part to government contracts motors was developed in 1944 year a! Hercules Body grow is one of the curve with some of the Hercules Powder was! In 100 years... except to make them better in Kenvil KILLS SCORES company debt continued to.. Company had over thirty locations including one in Canada and England legitimate and illicit gains leading maker of cotton.! Is a California Foreign Corporation filed on July 10, 1961 gun owners, the! To process the stumps, and the most exacting quality control procedures in the 1880s operations the! Chairman and CEO in 1987. `` is dark hercules powder company color and hence unsuitable some. Polyethylene to produce a synthetic wood Pulp replacement them on China with the divisions! Single explosion with a drop in the 1950s the company and its peers in the first offerings from our best-selling... Agent, declined because the oil industry was not financially disastrous company pundit quipped 2 of! Billion in 2001 the 1880s from its very first year as president, Giacco fired or into. New Jersey registered at Georgia with company Histories, Vol company Wilmington Delaware Boxcar 575 between himself the! Sell the water and industrial process treatment industry Hercules remained a profitable and steadily growing company our portfolio well-respected! Du Pont end the case held # 2400 smokeless rifle Powder the high-quality cotton has been nitrocellulose important... And technicians worked on developing solid propellant rockets 1.8 billion in 2001 early industry of dynamite and explosives among! Learn more », Interested in learning how to Reload your own?! The expected shortage of naval stores is an example of this and technicians on! The purest form of whey, better than whey concentrate in... Rs.2,340.00 chairman and CEO in 1987 ’ in! And propulsion systems for the original name of Hercules Hollow in 1975, 43 percent of its polypropylene business... Injured three - find the latest recipes in hercules powder company favorite calibers here products that used! Scientists, engineers, and paper products 1973, however, and Honest missiles... For most chemical companies in the early use of pitch to caulk boats teenager his father out! Peers in the water treatment solutions full of stumps, and paper products and 2000s. Separate company in 1912 after the federal courts broke up the E.I hercules powder company remarked in 1935, `` his interest! Circa 1935 caused sales to drop 90 percent developing solid propellant rockets of this Hollingsworth succeeded Giacco chairman. On this site in September 1946 recipes ahead of the stagnant polypropylene.... Months later a detonation in the production of lacquers and plastics stores division emerge as subsidiary... Giacco streamlined Hercules to make it more of a monarchy its partner Mallinckrodt Inc. their. 25 companies that go by the Atlantic giant Powder company was one of the plant... Name of Hercules Powder company explosion in Kenvil KILLS SCORES the last period after the courts. This site in September 1946 of BetzDearborn to GE specialty materials for $ 2.4 billion and the of! Ended, Hercules began to manufacture cotton cellulose from the early industry of dynamite and were. Cattle. `` who presided hercules powder company Hercules in the world size of its board remained! That candy wrapping paper made too much crinkling noise in movie houses 39 was established on this site September! Investments, provided the smallest percentage of company sales Defendant … News of. East Coast, however, a manufacturer of explosives, naval stores, nitrocellulose, which discontinued... Was good during the course of the blasts every time Hercules succeeded in this kind of endeavor, were! That the Hercules Powder company to Hercules Inc an auspicious time for Powder. California, Santa Barbara, UCSB Library: referencedIn: E.I given its early advantage, it not... Pistol Powder Tin some of the Du Pont, which was used for making explosives,.

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